Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

We promote our flexibility here at Sandy Paws and proudly so! We love working with our clients in helping you and your pet with your daily and weekly needs. 

We are asking that you notify us the night before a scheduled walk, but no later than 7am on the morning of a previously scheduled walk, for any schedule changes (ie cancellations, time changes, etc). Any changes beyond this may result in being charged for the Walk.

We also ask that you notify us by 3pm Saturday to schedule a series of walks for the upcoming week. Beyond this we can not guarantee a spot for your pooch.

Any requests made within 24 hours are subject to a $3.00 scheduling fee, thank you.

Winter Severe Weather Policy

First and foremost, we will make every effort to tend to your beloved pooch no matter the weather. However, on rare occasions the roads may become unsafe. We will be paying attention to forecasts and travel recommendations. If, at our discretion, we feel the need to cancel your scheduled walk, we will contact you promptly. Unfortunately, some of these decisions may occur last minute as we will be making every effort to get to your pooch. If the need to cancel arises we will also post on social media and send an email, making every effort to keep you informed. 

​We recommend that you also pay attention to inclement weather forecasts. Typically, if the South Kingstown Schools are closed then we also will be closed, thank you. Please feel free to make alternative arrangements for your dog to ensure that they are tended to in case the roads become impassable. Please let us know of these alternative arrangements or if you are staying home with your dog and we will credit you the scheduled walk. Again, we will be making every effort to get to your dog and make sure they are weathering the storm! Stay safe and warm!

Policies & Holidays


PO Box 265 Wakefield RI 02880


​PO BOX 265 Wakefield RI 02880

Challenging Pet Policy

What a diverse group of canines we have here at Sandy Paws:  jumpers, waggers, lickers, talkers, pawers, rollers, pullers, speed-walkers, strollers, runners, hiders and

more!  While we love each of your dogs and all of their crazy antics, some of these behaviors have proven challenging.  We hate to label any of our cherished pooches as “challenging”.   However, we have felt the need to implement a “Challenging Dog Policy.”

All of us at Sandy Paws are experienced dog people and feel confident in our ability to handle most types of dog personalities.  With that being said, for the safety of our walkers and in order to maintain our daily walking schedule, a policy has to be put in place.

1.      If your dog displays any type of aggression towards a walker the visit will have to end.  If a visit is cut short due to aggression you will still be charged for the full time scheduled. In addition, our service with you & your dog will be terminated. The safety of our walkers, the public and your dog are our top priorities. 

2.     Our walkers will do everything reasonably possible to coax a timid and fearful dog out of hiding, onto their leash and outside to do their “business”.  The visit will still need to end after the scheduled time even if it was not “successful”.  You will be charged for the full visit.

3.     While we bring treats and encouragement to every walk, we cannot physically make your dog go to the bathroom.  We try!  We do everything short of standing on our heads (which may or may not work). However, we are not always successful.  We do need to end the walk after the scheduled time no matter how stubborn your pooch may be!

4.     Some of your dogs have fences-physical or electronic.  Unfortunately, not all of these mechanisms successfully contain your dog.  If your dog proves to be a “runner” and escapes their boundaries, we will do everything reasonably possible to bring your dog home.  We always leash your dog when off your property.  However, inside a fenced in yard, we may choose to remove the leash and play with your pooch.  We have had a few incidents of escapees. To this date we have ALWAYS gotten the dogs back quickly.  With that being said, if your dog becomes too difficult to coax home, we will notify you and call for back up.  A decision will have to be made regarding what to do next.

As always you will be given a report card for each visit.  You will know how successful the visit was or was not.  If necessary, we may further contact you via email regarding a “challenging” visit.  We are always looking for new ways and suggestions to best work with your dog.  We love them as you do!

In a very rare and extreme case, Sandy Paws may need to terminate a client relationship. This will only occur if we feel that our business is not the best match for your dog.  The safety of your dog and our walkers is always our top priority.

Thanks to you all for your continued support!  We SO love your sweet, crazy, huggable, lovable pooches!

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